Are you really going to leave Japan without having experienced its tea-ceremony?

Attend and Authentic Tea Ceremony in Kyoto

take full part in a tranquil service of thick tea – true tea

In Kyoto’s Miyagawa-cho,
home to many apprentice-geisha,
Belgium-born Tyas Sosen and
England-born Stephen Soshun
welcome you to our beautiful
traditional tea-house for an
unforgettable and unusually
authentic Tea-ceremony experience.

Refresh your spirit through participating in this meditational form of hospitality.

What we offer

1. An Authentic Introduction to The-Rite-of-Tea.

By means of observing just a few simple rules in making your essential contribution as a guest, for a while wholly immerse yourself in Tea ceremony. You will simultaneously learn how to demonstrate, by means of partaking from a single vessel, a humble and grateful respect for the presence of others.

2. Detailed Explanations and Guidance in English

Both instructors grew up in different parts of Europe. Having studied most aspects of the-rite-of-tea in Japanese, we have developed our own translations and explanations of this praxis, which we utilise to -- in a comprehensible way -- guide our guests through the many stages of one service.

3. A Deeper Understanding of Japanese Culture as a Whole.

The-rite-of-tea synthesises a great number of individual traditional Japanese arts. Through participating in a service of tea, you don't only learn about the service of tea, but also about the implements used, the arts and crafts related to this praxis, and several principal features of both Japanese culture and Japanese history.

Settle for no less than an unforgettable immersion in Tea ceremony.


Our Workshop is held in Kyoto’s Miyagawa-cho, which lies not far from the Kiyomizu Temple, and runs parallel to the eastern bank of the Kamo river.

This area is one of those renowned for being home to many apprentice-geisha [a.k.a. maiko]. Although the truly beautiful edifice in which our workshop is conducted was lavishly constructed only recently, its design basically follows that of the traditional dining-venues to which geisha have long been summoned to entertain their customers, there employing an idealized feminine elegance, flirtatious banter exchanged over thimbles of rice-wine, and supremely-expert classical dance-performances, in order to distract those customers from the cares they have left in the world outside.

The building thus provides a perfect location for an introduction to the even-more refreshingly unworldly practice – that of the rite of Tea. Attendance at this workshop also affords entry to an example of a Japanese urban environment that is otherwise accessible to only the wealthy, or powerful, or celebrated – an austerely-attractive playground intended for Japan’s élite.

This remarkable building can be reached from Kiyomizu-Gojo station on the Keihan main line: 1 minute’s walk from station-exit 5. (If coming from the JR Kyoto Station area, the station in question can instead be reached by taking a JR Nara-line train one stop down, to Tofukuji station, and there changing to a northbound train travelling back up the Keihan main line. Kiyomizu-Gojo is the second station from Tofukuji.)

Address to show to taxi-drivers:



Workshop fee
per person
JPY 8,000

(This fee covers the cost of (1) each guest’s portion of high-quality thick tea, (2) a hand-crafted, substantial, beautiful, and delicious moist sweetmeat fashioned to reflect a seasonal theme, and (3) a final individual serving of thin tea, plus (4) helpful and informative guidance provided whenever such seems mutually appropriate.) 

Families of 5 persons and up get a discount. Inquire now. Inquire about group discounts, and workshops conducted away from our main location.

Workshop duration

We are available on:
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Available time-slots are:
11am – 12:30pm   2pm – 3:30pm   4:30pm – 6pm

Please make your reservation through our booking-system, or by email to A confirmation-email will then be sent to the email account you have used in applying.

Should no such email have reached you within 24 hours of application, please notify us of this fact.

Should you need to make a cancellation, please inform us of this, again by email to, and before 5 p.m. of the day before your reserved workshop has become scheduled.

For last-minute reservations, cancellations, or inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly, at +81 90 4292 7496.

The Instructors


Huybrechts Tangetsu-an Tyas Sōsen

Formerly, Tangetsu-an Sōsen worked for a traditional Japanese tea-supplier in Uji, the nation’s acknowledged capital of tea-production, until he decided to devote his life to original activity related to tea.

As a now fully-accredited instructor in Tea ceremony, and in addition a nationally certified Nihoncha Instructor, his heart’s desire is to convey directly, and to as many interested persons as possible, the true essence of both Tea-culture and also Japanese tea.


Gibbs Kyūgetsu-an Stephen Sōshun

For half his life, Kyūgetsu-an Sōshun has trained in, practiced, and taught, the rite of Tea – in addition publishing and lecturing extensively on its history, values, methodology, and contemporary relevance. Now an official Junior Assistant Grand Master of this school of Tea-praxis (and the first non-Japanese citizen ever to attain this rank), not only has he won no few admirers among Japan’s Tea-aficionados, regardless of school-of-praxis; he has also successfully implanted a similar passion for this discipline in the hearts of numerous foreign exchange-students – as one of whom Sōsen himself began, a decade ago, to become likewise an adept.