Otsu Tourism Program Registration Form

Hello, from Otsu city, just 2 station (roughly 10 mins) away from Kyoto.

As we are tackling on Otsu tourism issues, Otsu city Tourism Office is looking for foreign tourists who could participate our tourism program for research.

-Program takes 1 and half day, interview is held twice; 15mins before your tour and 30 mins after tour during lunch (with treated Japanese cuisine).

-We'll provide participants information about Otsu with expenses for sightseeing activities and transportation (food and souvenir expenses excluded). Enjoy sightseeing upon your request, some participants would be requested to go off on suggested tour with preferable plan.

If interested, please fill in below form and apply and we give you specific information as soon as we receive your registration.

We keep your information confidential and no use of other reason outside this program. We appreciate your cooperation.

otsu Sincerely, Otsu city Tourism Promotion Division Inbound Tourism Office http://www.city.otsu.lg.jp/kanko/

Preferable Date and time:

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thank you

Please note that we might chose participants for research but sure to contact you by July 11th.