Kimono Experience

Wear, dress, and feel our kimono as the embodiment of Japanese culture

Return home having enriched your understanding of Japanese culture by wearing and feeling its true fashion with the whole of body and heart.

We stay true to tradition and therefore refrain from using chemical fiber print material. Instead, we offer the opportunity to wear high-grade silk kimono that have their roots in Japan’s long and distant past.

These kimono are more than just fashion or beautiful pieces of clothing. We also wish you to experience the antiquity and beauty of its patterns and the skillfulness these items have been fabricated.

Kimono are most commonly worn to New year’s events and ceremonial occasions, but they also are the best suitable dress for attending tea gatherings or enjoying theater.

Depending on your planned activity wearing kimono, your height and rough body size, our kimono concierge may suggest you the best suitable wear for your occasion.

Kimono such kind as “Komon”, “Tsukesage”, “Tsumugi” or “Oshima tsumugi” may be suggested.

What we offer

1. Assemble your attire of Kimono and Obi.

Pick a kimono and obi (sash belt) of your preference from our concierges’ suggestion. This suggestion is made, based on the information (height, body size and planned occasions) we collect from you prior to the scheduled date.

2. Dress up.

Our kimono dresser will appropriately beautify your hair and dress you in your selected kimono. She has dressed people in kimono for over 20 years and did so at the most prestigious of places in Kyoto. You may not only watch and experience how kimono is successfully applied and all the implements it requires to do so, but also enjoy wearing kimono for the duration of your occasion in a fashionable, un-restraining and relaxing way, without the fear of your dress getting out of place quickly.

3. Enjoy your kimono moment.

Enjoy your moment of fame, strolling through the streets of Kyoto or at your desired occasion till end of day. Our staff will ask your preferable time to return kimono and inform you how to return it.

About our kimono dresser.

Our kimono dresser has experience with dressing brides in traditional attire for their marriage, the families of those brides, ladies coming of age in preparation for their coming-of-age-ceremony, and city employees wearing kimono to work at the start of the New Year.

Dressing is conducted neatly, but rapidly not to tire the guest. Moreover, greatest care is taken to make sure the attire is comfortable and won’t come out of place.

Pricing and Schedule

JPY 13,000 per person.

The fee for dressing and rental is JPY 13,000 per person. (We calculate approximately 60 minutes for dressing) This includes hairdressing. Make-up services are not included.

Optional Activity

Tea ceremony

An actual immersion into what Tea-ceremony really is, is available at the same location as our Kimono experience. You may choose to participate in Tea-ceremony after having dressed in kimono, for a truly authentic experience of Japanese tradition. 4,500 JPY / person (90 min) *This price is already with discount for optional experiences.. If you wish to participate in this activity, please let us know in the message field below. More information:

Photo shoot

Upon request, we may order a professional photographer with great expertise in photography of Japanese cultural and traditional scenery, including portraits of performers, artists, etc. in this setting. Never forget this beautifying experience and make the memory of this special day last forever by capturing it on paper

The area around Miyagawa-cho is especially suitable as the area is comprised of traditional Machiya houses in front of which you in kimono may look as if you’ve travelled back in time. You may also choose to go to Gion or take a few pictures along the Kamo river and on one of it’s beautiful bridges.
12,000 JPY / person (60 min) *60 minutes, including travel time.
If you wish to participate in this activity, please let us know in the message field below.

Reservation and Cancellation notice


Upon receipt of your application form, we will send a confirmation email to the email address you have used in applying. Should such an email not reach you within 24 hours of application, please fill out the form again, or email us at for inquiry about the status of your reservation. Please note that your reservation is not confirmed when you haven’t received a confirmation email.

Please make your booking 3 days ahead of schedule in order to allow us time for the necessary preparations.

In case of cancellation, please inform us by 12am on the day prior to your scheduled session. A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged for cancellations after 12am on the previous day. We charge 100% of the reservation fee for cancellations made on the appointed day and for not showing up without prior notice.

With regard to last minute cancellations due to an emergency, we would also appreciate that you inform us at your soonest convenience.

For last-minute reservations, cancellations, or inquiries, please feel free to contact us directly, at +81 (0)50 6865 6963.

Number of participants

Desired session date

Desired session time

Height and Body size (roughly) per guest. (Let us know your height and roughly your size, S, M, L or LL.)

Optional plan: Do you wish to participate in one of our optional activities?


Kimono fitting place, Koan is at Kyoto’s Miyagawa-cho area, which lies not far from the Kiyomizu Temple, and runs parallel to the eastern bank of the Kamo river.
It is 2 minutes' walk from "Kiyomizu-Gojo" station (take station-exit 5) on the Keihan main line.
It is 5 minutes' walk from bus stop "Kawaramachi Matsubara" on bus route 4, 17, 205 from Kyoto station.

Address to show to taxi-drivers: