Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. This traditional and formal art may seem esoteric, but it is not entirely true. As for ikebana, anyone can create a fantastic work of art by themselves after acquiring the basic concepts and fundamental skills. Learning ikebana promotes a better understanding into the Japanese view of nature: a crucial step in appreciating the unique aesthetics of Japanese culture. The most gratifying part of ikebana is being able to see your personal experiences, emotion, and thoughts take shape as a visual art form. Flower arrangement is often falsely regarded as an art form reserved for women; however, traditionally ikebana used to be a required “mannerism” for well-educated men, such as samurais or monks. Since you came all this way to visit a “strange” island, it would be a waste NOT to experience our genuinely unique culture!

Hand-on course
5,000 JPY / Person

Demonstration course
3,000 JPY / Person

Please note the course you take in the message field of our reservation form when you make a reservation.

What can you experience?


Introduction of essential knowledge about ikebana and the history of its development.


By listening to the instruction, you learn the basic concepts of ikebana, allowing you to grasp an image for your own work.


Let’s try to create an ikebana arrangement by yourself! Don’t worry, we’ll give you a hand when you need it.

This special experience will let you re-realize that we are all, in fact, a part of nature.

Hand-on course (75-90min)
5,000 JPY/person
Demonstration course (30-45min)
3,000 JPY/person
• We accept Japanese yen and credit cards. • We don’t accept checks.
• Flower materials fee included.
Monday10:00 am
Tuesday4:00 pm
Wednesday10:00 am
Thursday4:00 pm
Friday10:00 am
Saturday4:00 pm
As for a lesson date other than the above date, please free to inquire.
Please make reservations before 5:00 pm on the previous day as we need to order necessary materials in advance. Please make a reservation through our booking system or by email since we can’t answer a call during the session, but please call us in case of a last minute cancellation at 075-201-3686.
Please refrain from canceling without notice. The materials used for Ikebana contain freshly picked flowers and plants; as such, once we place an order, it cannot be canceled. Please inform us of cancellations no later than 5:00 pm on the day prior to your class. Even in the case of an emergency and you are forced to cancel at the last minute, we would appreciate it if you could let us know. Thank you for your understanding.

【Cancellation Policy】
  •  No charge for the cancellation more than 4 days before.
  •  50% of the fee is charged for the cancellation 2-3 days before your booked lesson date.
  •  75% of the fee is charged for the previous day cancellation.
  •  100% of the fee is charged for the appointed day cancellation and no-show.

Optional activity: Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony experience is available after taking a cooking or ikebana session.
  • Demonstration of The Way of Tea
  • 2,000 JPY / person (45-50 min)
If you want to sign up this activity, please write down in the message field.



From JR Kyoto Station

by Train
Take the subway Karasuma Line, transfer to Tozai Line at Karasuma-Oike Sta., and get off at Higashiyama Sta. 3 minutes walk from Exit #1.
by Bus
Take Kyoto City Bus #5 and get off at "Jingumichi" or #100 and get off at "Kyoto-kaikan, bijutsukan-mae" bus stop.
373-26 Horiike-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0038 Japan

Contact information

Email : info@kafu.co

For urgent call (Japanese)

Mobile : 090-9101-1820

For urgent call (English)

Mobile : 080-4979-9622

(Only when you cancel the reservation at the last minute or when you get lost on the way to our facility.)

※ During lessons, meetings or outside hours, the call will roll to voice mail. Please leave your name, a phone number you can be reached at, and a brief message. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.