How to cook edamame

"Eda" means branches and "mame" does beans.

In the Edo period, Japanese boiled these beans in whole bunch since they felt annoying to take off shells.

Nowadays edamame has become popular all over the world because it coutains less fat and rich protain, that means it is very healthy.

Moreover, cooking edamame is a piece of cake!!
1) Wash the fresh edamame and remove the dust.
2)Place the edamame in boiling salted water (about the amount in 2 tsp of salt per liter), and cook until al dente.
3)Drain the edamame on a sieve and continue to cook as long as they are hot.
4)Serve after salting all over.

* Put edamame in your mouth with its shell, eat only inside beans with tasting its seasoned shell and take out the shell.
*These edamame were fried with dark soy sauce and butter. It's so tasty!