Sake Tasting & lecture at ICRR2015 (May 26,27)

Sake lecture & tasting session & ICRR2015(International Congress of Radiation Research) for two days ended successfully:) the total number of participants came to 100 people in 4 sessions, 2 sessions a day! There were some limited versions of sake this time and I was so happy that everybody, including Japanese doctors who are keen on sake, seemed to have enjoyed the selection! It was a great pleasure;) Thank you so much!!

5月26日、27日の二日間、ICRR2015 (国際放射線研究会議) ポスターセッション内特設ブースにて、英語での利き酒レクチャーをさせていただきました。ブースの外では、特別に試飲も。