Sake Experience on Jan 28

The first Sake Experience was held on January 28. A Japanese lady attended the first session from 18:00, and four people (an American/British couple, and two Japanese ladies) joined us for the second session. The guests enjoyed tasting five different kinds of sake, following a 15-minute lecture on general facts about sake. I enjoyed answering questions on topics such as pairing food with sake, and how to choose a marvelous bottle from a local sake shop. It was a lot of fun!! Everyone seems to have enjoyed the experience. :D  
第一回の利き酒体験を1月28日に行いました。通算で5名のお客様がいらしてくださいました。(日本の方3名、アメリカ人カップル2名) 日本酒の製法、日本酒とおつまみのおいしい関係、酒屋さんでお気に入りの一本をみつけるためのアドバイスなど、皆さん喜んでくださったようでした。嬉しいです^^